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Deep Flash Cable for Xiaomi


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In order to be able to work with deep flash cable for Xiaomi it is necessary to put the phone in a deep flash mode. If a faulty handset can enter fastboot mode through the volume down key and power button combinations, the driver can be recognized normally. Deep flash cable will be needed for a faulty handset which is damaged deeply in the system and unable to properly identify the port.

How to use?

  1. Download miflash platform and driver
  2. Put the phone in fastboot mode
  3. Take out the battery of the faulty handset
  4. Connect the phone to computer with USB cable
  5. Press the phone ON/OFF button.
  6. When switching off your phone press cable switch button and hold it for about 8 seconds. Device manager will recognize the phone as port 9008, which means that deep flash mode is activated
  7. Use MIFLASH original platform flash

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