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iPOWER X Box is a high precision DC-DC power supply designed for scientific research, product development, laboratories, schools and electronic production lines. Featuring high accuracy of output current and voltage adjustment, reliability, overload and short circuit protection.

iPOWER X Box is an ideal choice for the mobile phone repair industry.


  • Device performance is ensured by a 16 MHz CPU with embedded self-diagnostics system.
  • 1.5 inch LCD displaying accurate voltage, ampere, and related settings. Voltage and current can be monitored simultaneously.
  • The device is controlled by a rotary switch (which also is a power supply button). Separate power supply button is included for Apple devices.
  • Input: DC 3.3V - 24V / 0A - 3A (recommended input voltage 5V (2A iPad charger), 19.5V (4A laptop charger))
  • Output: DC 0.2V - 24V / 0.2A - 3A. Max. output voltage = max. input voltage + 0.6V.
  • Voltage / current regulation: CV < ± 0.2V, CC < ± 0.2A.
  • USB-ports protection: overcurrent and overload limitation (max. 4.3 V), shortcut and reverse polarity protection.
  • Jack output protection: overcurrent limitation, shortcut protection.


  • USB-ports (4 USB output ports (DC 4.2V / 0.5 - 3A) are intended specially for Apple mobile phones. Supplied cables with the power supply unit allow you to emulate battery and phone connection. Current can be limited continuously within 0A - 3A so that the user can track down shortcuts in the device by monitoring Apple main board temperature.
  • Output jack (red, black) allows the user to use devices other than mobile phones and adjust current and voltage limitations.
  • Voltage tester input (yellow) - integrated input voltage testing feature allows you to show the measured voltage on the main display when the tester is connected to the device.
  • PC control input enables easy control of the voltages and other functions using a PC. Just connect the provided PC cable and start the iPOWER X software. iPOWER X Box can be also easily calibrated this way for more precise settings.

Package Content:

  • iPOWER X Box - 1 pc.
  • PC Cable - 1 pc.
  • Voltage Test Cable - 1 pc.
  • Input DC Power Cable - 1 pc.
  • USB 2 in 1 Data Cable With Flex Connector - 4 pcs.

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