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Martview - Universal Smart Card Reader


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Universal Smart Card Reader is intended for the following smart cards:

  • UFI Dongle
  • EMMC Dongle
  • SFT Dongle
  • CM2 Dongle
  • EFT Dongle
  • NCK Dongle
  • NCK PRO Dongle
  • UMT Dongle
  • UMT PRO Dongle
  • SEtool Dongle
  • CS-Tool Dongle
  • Octoplus Samsung / LG Dongle Lite
  • Octoplus Huawei Tool Dongle
  • Avengers Key Dongle
  • Hua Pro Dongle
  • Hua Dongle
  • Infinity Dongle
  • Falcon Dongle
  • Z3X Samsung Pro Dongle
  • SCout Dongle
  • Avator Dongle
  • and more...

Package Content:

  • Universal Smart Card Reader - 1 pc.

Smart cards not included. Dongle only.

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