MOORC JPIN JTAG Molex Flex Cable 35-in-1 with JTAG-ISP 5-in-1 Adapter

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35-in-1 JTAG Molex adapter set by MOORCallows user to perform a wide range of servicing procedures with supported Samsung, LG, Huawei, Asus, Google mobile devices and phone servicing tools via JTAG without soldering and pinouts.

MOORC JTAG-ISP ADAPTER 5-in-1 can be used with existing JTAG EMMC tools including ATF, Riff, Medusa etc.

Supports all JTAG EMMC boxes:

  • BGA-221
  • BGA-169-153
  • BGA-162-186

Programming and JPIN outputs

Package Contents:

  • Main JTAG ISP Adapter - 1 pc.
  • RJ45 Connection Cable - 1 pc.
  • BGA-221 Adapter - 1 pc.
  • BGA-169-153 Adapter - 1 pc.
  • BGA-162-186 Adapter - 1 pc.

35-in-1 JTAG Molex adapter set - Compatible JTAG Tools:

35-in-1 JTAG Molex Adapter Set - Compatible Cell Phone Models: *

  • Z01
    • U8800, U8800+
  • Z02
    • LG P990, P999, P993 MODEM
  • Z03
    • LG E510, E612, E720, E900, C550, C660, C660H, C710H, E400, E405, E435, E615, E720, GD880, GM730, GN750, GT540, KU3700, P350, P500, P690, P698, P705, P715, (F160S, F160L, F160K, F200L, F200S, F200K, F200LS-14P header is required) all the LG14P pinounts
  • Z04
    • LG E970, E960, E973, E971, E975, F180L/S/K, E975W, E976, E975R, E975K, LS970, E978, E977, E975T, LGL21, L-01E
  • Z05
    • F260L, F260S, F260K molex header is required P870, l-06C, all the LG 14P JTAG pinouts
  • Z06
    • LG P880G, P895, P895QB, P970, SU870, K5400, SU760, P725, SU540, P760, P765, P768, P768E, P768F, P768G, P768N, P769, P769BK, P769BKGO JTAG support is required, all the LG 30P JTAG pinouts
  • Z07
    • LG SU640, LU6200, F100L/S/K, F120L/S/K, V950
      Modem: P930, P935, P936
  • Z08
    • LG P930, P935, P936
      Modem: SU640, LU6200, F100L/S/K, F120L/S/K, V950
  • Z09
    • LG CU920, CU575, L705I, L852I all the JTAG pinouts
  • Z10
    • I9003, I7500, T939, 805sc, F338, I5800
  • Z11
    • E110S (E220L, E220S, E220K - JTAG support is required)
  • Z12
    • M110S, M190S, SC-02B, P7500
  • Z13
    • S8000
  • Z14
    • D710
  • Z15
    • I535, I535V, T999, T999V, T889M, I747M, R530M, R530U, L710, I747, I547, SC-06D, I437, I8552, I9082, I9152, I9195, I9200, I9192, I9205, I8730, I8750, MSM8960
  • Z16
    • I9020, I9023, I997, I9000, I987, T959, T959V, YP-G1, T759, M200L/S/K
  • Z17
    • I9100G, I9108, I9108X
  • Z18
    • E120L/S/K, E160S/K, I717, I727, I9210, P7320, E140L/S/K, SC-05D, SC-03D, T879, all Samsung 20P phones
  • Z19
    • I500, I889, N7005 (I9500, N7100, E210L, E210S, E210K - JTAG support is required)
  • Z20
    • I9220, I9228, N7000, M250L
  • Z21
    • E160L
  • Z22
    • I9100, N8010, P6200, P6810, I777, M250S/K, P3100, P3110, P3113, P5100, P5110, P5113
  • Z23
    • LG F240K, F240L, F240S, E980. E980P, E985, E986, E987, E988, E989, F310L/S/K molex header is required
  • Z24
    • Nokia L610, L710
  • Z25
    • CU720, GD880, L04A, L06A
  • Z26
    • LG L600I, L704I, L705I
  • Z27
    • LG A340
  • Z28
    • Samsung M8400
  • Z29
    • Samsung I937
  • Z30
    • LG CT810
  • Z31
    • LG VS930, VS870
  • Z32
    • ASUS A60, A80, Google Nexus 7
  • Z33
    • LG KU9100, KU9300, KU9600, L04B
  • Z34
    • LG D820, D821, D802, F320L/S/K, F340L/S/K, F350L/S/K, D950, VS980
  • Z35
    • LG P659

* Due to the onrush of technology and efforts to meet every customer's demands, the supplier retains the right to change some positions in the list of cables and accessories included with the product.