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Smart TestPoint Cable v2.0

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Smart TestPoint v2.0 Compatible with K1s and other models that are supported by Smart TestPoint Prepare function of SmartMoto. This accessory is essential for decoding Argon phones: K1s, K3, V1100, V3xx, V3xx Cingular (North America), V6maxx, Foma M702iG and LTE2_ROM4 phones: L9, L72, W510, V3re.

The cable has two TestPoint needles and a Battery Hook:

  • Yellow – TestPoint A (Primary)
  • Black – TestPoint B (Secondary)
  • Red – Battery Hook

How to Use Smart TestPoint v2.0 Cable

  1. Perform "Prepare Smart TestPoint” procedure.
  2. When SmartMoto prompts to disassemble the handset, please perform the following:
    • Disconnect the handset and dismantle it
    • Please make sure that LCD is disconnected from the board!!!
    • Connect Smart TestPoint cable v.2.0 to the RJ45 port of Smart-Clip
    • Connect data cable to the phone
    • Connect battery hook to the positive (+) battery contact on PCB
    • Connect needle A to the TestPoint A and hold it until the software informs that it can be disconnected
    • Press OK in SmartMoto. The handset should be detected with boot version 0.00.
  3. Decoding procedure continues.
  4. Disconnect TP needle when SmartMoto informs to do so.

Please follow this order strictly. Do not use power from the battery. Use battery hook and ensure that it’s connected to the appropriate (“+” Positive) contact.

Note: Please be aware that Smart TestPoint cable v.2.0 made by GSM server team is the only fully tested and fully functional solution. We can not guaranty stable functions of Smart-Clip with the cables from other manufacturers. GSMserver team doesn’t bear any responsibility for the faults caused by cables from other manufacturers.

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