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USB Tester UNI-T UT658


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USB Tester UNI-T UT658 – a tool to test the quality of charger/power bank.  It can give a comprehensive detection for the charging equipment, such as output voltage, output current, output capacity, output voltage stability, etc.

You may use UNI-T UT658 to test charging current with different charging cables, allowing you to select the optimal charging cable to save the charging time.


  • USB charger quality control
  • Power bank evaluation
  • USB connector evaluation
  • USB device power usage calculation
  • DIY hobbies


  • Real time detection: test voltage, current and charging capacity.
  • DC3-9V voltage test range, 0-3A current range, ±1% accuracy
  • Voltage alarm function: when the voltage is higher than 5.3V(display "H") or lower than 4.7V(display "L").
  • LCD display with multiple data
  • Data storage: 10 groups of capacity data

Technical Specifications

Input voltage range 3 V - 9 V
Voltage resolution 0.01 V
Voltage monitoring accuracy ±1%
Current monitoring range 0 A - 3 A
Current resolution 0.01 A
Current monitoring accuracy ±(1%+2)
Energy (Capacity) 0-9999 mAh
Display LCD, 26 × 17 mm
Size 83 × 29 × 12 mm
Weight 28 g


Package Contents

  • UNI-T UT658 USB tester — 1 pc.
  • User manual — 1 pc.

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